70's and 80's: As boy and teenager, discovered two passions, showing cattle and playing tabletop games. Played Dominoes, Clue, Masterpiece, and D&D.

early 90's:  Fascinated by Population Genetics class in graduate school. Played lots of card games - Up&Down, Cribbage, Whist. Completed Master's degree in Animal Science and Statistics.

mid 90's: Wrote PhD dissertation on "Genetics of Beef Tenderness". Played a lot of Bridge with Animal Breeding professors and grad students. Completed PhD in Animal/Meat Science.

late 90's: Started developing the basic unproven/proven mechanism for Pedigree in my mind, but never writing it down.

2000's: Continued thinking and refining the idea for Pedigree, but never got around to pursuing it. Played Settlers of Catan and discovered how interesting board games can be.

Sep 2013: Wrote the first rules for Pedigree, and made the first homemade prototype.

Oct 2013: Created spreadsheet full of LOOKUP and IF statements to rapidly simulate 1,000 game plays at a time and fine-tune game mechanisms.

Nov 2013: Started playtesting with friends.  Despite the fact that most of the initial playtesters had little to no experience or interest in animal breeding, the immediate reaction was overwhelmingly positive and encouraged me to continue pursuing development.

Apr 2014: Second homemade prototype, using pencil to write and erase genotype on cards.

Jul 2014: Read my first two books on game design theory. Wrote third edition of rules.

2015: Playtesting with friends.

2016: More playtesting.  Started regularly watching and reading board game reviews, especially The Dice Tower and Rahdo, to learn what people like and dislike in board games. Studied the Top 100 rated board games at to figure out what made them great. Read Jamey Stegmaier's blogs and listened to Ludology podcasts.  Played a lot of top-rated games that I hadn't played before.

Sep 2016: First professionally-printed prototype, utilizing dry-erase markers to write genotype on cards.

Oct 2016: Playtested with heavy gamers at RinCon game convention in Tucson, AZ - great reviews and feedback.

Dec 2016: Second professionally-printed prototype, with genotype punch-outs replacing dry-erase markers.

Jan 2017: Playtested at Arizona Game Fair in Mesa, AZ - more great reviews.

2017: A lot more playtesting.  Revised Action Cards and added unique player roles with unique abilities for each player.

Aug 2017:  Graphic designer and artist start working on the "look" of Pedigree.

Sep 2017: Blind playtesting by Coalition Game Studios.

2018: More playtesting.  Small fine-tuning tweeks to reduce luck factor.

Mar 2018: Pedigree is named one of four finalists for the Golden Arbutus Game Design of the Year award in Vancouver, BC.

Nov 1, 2018: PEDIGREE to launch on Kickstarter.