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My name is Duane Wulf and I've been passionate about animals for my entire life.  I grew up on a purebred cattle ranch, I rode horse from a young age, and I've owned and loved dogs from as long as I can remember. My favorite memories of childhood are showing steers at the state fair, and now many of our favorite family memories are from our children showing horses, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, and dogs. I received three degrees (BS, MS, PhD) in Animal Science, my wife Ann and I developed a small herd of cattle genetically selected to produce the perfect steak, and I am part of a team that started a youth livestock show in Mexico for less-privileged children.

I also love playing tabletop games. I've played about every card game under the sun (Bridge is my favorite), but more recently I really enjoy medium to heavy board games that have a strong theme. My reason for designing The Game of PEDIGREE is to provide a great family fun board gaming experience for those that are passionate about animal breeding, and to bring the joy of animal breeding to those who enjoy family board games. I have been quite intrigued how the mechanisms of genetic selection mesh so well with board game mechanics. I have no dreams of great fortune. Just as I enjoy making people happy by cooking great food and making tasty meat products, my satisfaction from designing and developing The Game of PEDIGREE will come from the joy it brings to the people who play the game.

I was a university professor for fourteen years until I moved my family to Mexico in 2009 to become a missionary businessman. The mission includes a meat processing plant and cattle ranch, both established for the purpose of providing jobs and career training to the fatherless and less fortunate. If The Game of PEDIGREE ever makes a profit, a fixed portion will go to The Fatted Calf nonprofit organization.  My wonderful wife Ann and I have been blessed with six children. Although I am very passionate about animal breeding and board games, my number one purpose in life is to serve my savior Jesus Christ.